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Why Seaking?


We at Seaking provide you with the freshest frozen fish in the market.

To ensure this quality, we adhere to a very strict process of production.


From the sea...


We get our raw fish from accredited fish farms in Pangasinan. They should have a BFAR Certificate for Good Aquaculture Practices to ensure environmental sustainability, animal welfare and food safety. Furthermore, we conduct a pesticide and antibiotic analysis as an added measure for our customers’ health.



Afterwards, we conduct both a raw and a cooked evaluation test of harvested fish. Once the fishes pass the test, they graduate and are assigned a Fish Acceptance Number. All these were conducted while maintaining the fish’s temperature of less than 4 degrees.


Meanwhile… we inspect our delivery trucks.




To where the magic happens…


We adhere to the notions of justice. So when a fish comes in first, we make sure that this fish also gets prepared first. First in, first out. That’s what we say.


In preparing the fish, we remove the scales, gut the fish and cut it in the desired form. Afterwards, we wash the fish in running water.  In this process, we monitor the time spent. This is to make sure that the fish’s internal temperature still at less than 4 degrees to maintain freshness.


The fish is then deboned. Deboning is a meticulous process therefore we double-check the fish before sending it off to the next stage.


Then, we weigh the product, code the plastic and pack it accordingly. All our products are vacuum sealed. Vacuum sealing is an effective way to preserve the fish from spoilage. It adds to shelf life and food safety. These products are then placed in the freezer to maintain temperature.



As part of our quality control mechanism, we calibrate the metal detector every start of the operation, every change of product, every detection and every 4 hours. Yes, we’re that paranoid about your safety.


When all this has been done, we blast freeze the product by putting the freezer on less than -300C. Once in while we monitor the fishes’ temperature to make sure that it’s at least -180C.

Delivery time...

As we said earlier, we abide by the FIFO law. First in, first out. We make sure that the stocks are always fresh. Plus, we have refrigerated vans for delivering our goods to your local stores. Our deliveries happen weekly, so we promise you that the fish that you buy is the freshest it can be.

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